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Float elements

A float refers to an object that is self-buoyant due to its buoyancy by displacement. Floats that are not made of a floating material itself are hollow and often filled with air. Floats are sometimes referred to as pontoons. For floating jetties such as floating docks or floating bridges, as well as floating platforms such as floating rafts and floating islands, cuboid to cubic plastic pontoons are often used. By connecting several individual float elements or pontoon elements, one obtains an almost unsinkable floating construction, which is also more stable than with double float elements or double pontoon elements. But floats are also used for many other applications, such as buoys or swimmers, etc.

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Examples of float elements or pontoon elements
Examples for connected forms of floating elements

Single elements

A single element is a float element which is connected together with other similar individual elements to larger floating structures. Single elements can be produced by injection molding or by blow molding. In the former the top (walking surface) being thicker and leveler and the elements partially floods themselves making them much more stable, while in the latter all sides are equally thin and the float elements exposed to sunlight inflate by the expansion of the trapped air, but can also stacked on top of each other.

Double elements

A double element is a float element that is twice as large as a single element. So it does not consist of two interconnected individual elements, but from a larger float element where material was saved. Although a double element is thus somewhat cheaper than two individual elements, the floating construction, in particular in narrow floating docks, then also becomes somewhat unstable. In addition, double elements, which were produced by blow molding, can bend even more when entering or inflate more when heated. Meanwhile, there are also quadruple elements, which are four times as large as a single element and where the negative effects are even more serious.

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