Maritime Technic
Pontoon System

for aquatic sports, aquaculture and environmental protection
of the third generation

Maritime Technic - Pontoon System25 years experience in "state of the art" flotation engineering worldwide, together with cutting edge technology and the most advanced production techniques are the base for the new, extremely versatile "Pontoon Building - Block System". By utilizing the friction co-efficient achieved by independently controlled flooding of the modules we have refined this system to provide not only the most stable floating platform available, but also a high load capacity, which can also be combined with a fender-sidebar system.

The individual modules are easy to handle (weight: 6.2 kg) and have a very high load capacity of 360 kg/m2 (=75 lbs./sq. ft.). They are made of a high-quality synthetic, UV-stabilized and anti-static material (black or blue), which is extremely resistant to the elements. Individual blocks measure 50x50x50 cm (1.65x1.65x1.65 ft.) and the standard freeboard is approximately 40 cm. Blocks are easily assembled (with an assembling wrench) by joining the connecting lugs with bolts that give a secure and stable connection.

These building blocks can be assembled to meet any desired layout or dimensions, and can be used to replace or extend existing pontoon systems. This seawater- and acid-resistant system requires no maintenance or cleaning and is extremely durable. It can be utilized throughout the year or the modules can be stacked and stored. Unlike closed floats, this system does not blow up in the sun and is resistant to attacks from Teredinidae.

Unlike conventional wooden floats, the pontoons are made of a skid-proof material, and will not rot or develop sharp edges, or expose rusty nails etc. The "Maritime Technic - Pontoon System" contributes to water purity and is aesthetically pleasing. It has lugs (ears) along the sides where different accessories can be fitted and anchoring systems attached.

Swimming ladders safety rails, anchor fastening and and boat -mooring-eyes are the main accessories, with options such as side screws and bars as well as fenders, ropes and anchors. If needed, access ramps and gangways can be produced to the customer’s design. For marinas electricity distributors (w/wo illumination) and water supply-systems are available.

     Essential advantages:

  • Absolutely maintenance free
  • Practically everlasting
  • Easy self assembling
  • High load capacity
  • Low single weight
  • Individually designable layout
  • UV- and seawater resistant
  • Well temperature stable
  • More stability
  • Highly economic

    Application examples:

  • Floating docks and jetties
  • Boat berths and stages
  • Walkways and rafts
  • Swimming islands
  • Transport rafts
  • Emergency bridges
  • Working platforms
  • Netcage systems
  • Oil barriers
  • And much more!

An Austrian invention, patent pending.

"Made in the European Union"

Quality for reasonable prices!

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