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Natural Diets

BRINE SHRIMPS as live larval died

Artemia salinaBrine Shrimp Eggs are the dormancy-eggs (cysts) of Artemia salina, it is a kind of miniature shrimp (crustacea) which distribute widely and bear high sale. At present more than 500 Artemia producing areas in the world are known (such as America, China, Iran and Russia). It's cysts may be conserved very long, and can be hatched as they are needed. The naupli hatch after 18-30 hours in warm (24-30 degree C) salt water (1.5-3.5 % salt), and possess abundant protein and fat. Its grown-body hold high nourishment, so Artemia is an excellent food for various fish and crustaceans. Nutrition Analysis: Protein min. 45 %, Fat min. 15 %, Ash min. 6 %, Fiber max. 2 %, Moisture max. 8 %. They are available as "Premium Quality" in 425 gram (15 oz.) cans (Net Weight), and 12 cans per case.
Artemia is generally used for feeding the larval and postlarval stages of shrimps and fishes. The larvae of several species of marine fish, e.g., bass, bream, grouper, and turbot, can only be offered an Artemia diet after an initial period on a smaller prey, primarily the rotifer. In contrast to crustacean larvae, marine fish larvae are cultured on Artemia for a much longer period of time (e.g.: 20-40 days). Artemia cyst consumption is also among the highest in marine fish larviculture and ranges from 200 to 500 g per 1000 fry produced. Both live and frozen adult Artemia are used as food for aquarium fish species. Survival, vigor and pigmentation were reported to be significantly improved in several tropical species.

Composition and Properties:

Grad-Type: 1-A Gold 2-B Silver 3-C Bronze
Hatching rate min. (%) 90 80 70
Purity min. (%) 99 98 97
Moisture max. (%) 6 7 8
Nauplii per gram 230,000 200,000 180,000
Cysts per gram

240,000 to 320,000

Cysts size (µm)

200 to 250

Nauplii length (µm)

460 to 480

We deliver also frozen zooplankton as natural fry feed for all fish species!

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Extruded Feeds


Fish foodThis specially formulated and extruded dry feed with a reddish-brown color has a well balanced fatty acid profile and promotes good appetite, fast growth, high survival and fish health. The extruded feeds are based on raw material of superior quality and are formulated as a starter and grower feed specially in closed water or recirculation systems, with minimal phosphate content and low nitrogen excretion. The particle sizes are also very stable in the water and hardly pollute it. The feed is highly energetic which guarantee very low feed conversion rates. It can be used from the first day on or as a replacement feed of brine shrimp and zooplankton "artificial plankton". It is suitable for the production of various fish species such as Salmonids, Percids, Acipenserids, Cyprinids and other species too. On request, larger pellets (6 or 20 mm), pigmented pellets (Astaxanthin 60 mg/kg) or floating pellets (2-4 mm) are available. It is available in 10 resp. 25 kg bags, at the following types and sizes.

Composition and Properties:

Item-Type: A-400 A-700 A-1000 B-1200 B-1500 C-2000 C-3000 C-4000
Particle Size (mm) 0,3-0,4 0,4-0,7 0,7-1,0 1,0-1,3 1,3-1,6 2,0 3,0 4,0
Crude Protein min. (%)



Crude Fat min. (%)



Crude Ash max. (%)



Crude Fiber max. (%)



Moisture max. (%)



Energy (MJ/kg)





We deliver also dryed Artemia, Daphnia, Gammarus, Chironomus, Tubifex etc.!

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