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A guide and directory to surf easier through the web!

International Aquaculture is a webring that has been set up to link as many high quality, aquaculture related websites as possible from around the world.
The webring makes it much easier for net-surfers to locate interesting aquatic web-sites, by linking individual web-sites together via an icon identifying them as members of the Aquaculture industry. In addition to the International Aquaculture WebRing being a link page, each member will receive hits from other member sites, which all have a navigation bar or a link to the webring home. Subsequently, all sites will receive an increase in the number of hits due to their membership.

Our aim is to offer a wide range of reliable and up to date aquaculture information on-line. It is not limited to "just" fish, and is a larger data bank of various aquaculture species, systems, equipment, accessories and products. Aquaculture companies, fisheries, seafood processors, aquaria traders, limnologists and other interested organisations or individuals, may be added to this webring. If you are not sure that your site is eligible, please contact the RingMaster via email and include your site URL and a brief description. We'll check it out and inform you as soon as possible.

By joining the web ring you will get increased website traffic from people that are interested in aquaculture. Additionally most search engines rank you higher if other sites (like the webring) link to your page. The International Aquaculture WebRing also benefits from the wide range and diverstiy of content that the member sites provide, therefore this service is completely free.

Each and every webpage in the ring must adhere to the specific guidelines before following acceptance as a member in the ring. Each site will be personally visited to verify compliance with these rules. If these regulations are not complied with, the offending page or site will be immediately removed from the WebRing. The International Aquaculture WebRing reserves itself the last word in taking the final decision about accepting or refusing a new joining.

To the following rules must be agreed and followed:

I agree and want to join the WebRing!

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