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PLEASE NOTE: Except where noted, you can join these e-mail discussion lists by sending an e-mail message to the hotlink address. Leave the subject line blank and in the message body type "SUBSCRIBE LISTNAME YOUR NAME" where the LISTNAME is the hot-linked text, and YOUR NAME is your normal full real name.

ABNET - An e-mail discussion list for abalone aquaculture hosted by the University of Cape Town in South Africa. To post to the list, the address is: In order to receive general information about ABNET, send a message to the listserver with the command: information abnet

ACN-L - The Aquatic Conservation Network mailing list is open to both members and non-members to discuss issues in aquatic biodiversity and conservation and to disseminate information about ACN activities.

ALGAE-L A discussion list primarily for phycologists. To send mail to the whole list, the address is:

AQUA-L - A list for discussion of aquaculture of all types, based at the University of PEI. The purpose of the list is to promote discussion amongst individuals interested in the science, technology and business of rearing aquatic species. Messages for distribution to the list should be sent to

AQUA-L-DIGEST - This mailing list messages may be received as a daily digest rather than as individual messages.

AQUARIUM - A discussion list for aquarists.

AQUATIC PLANTS - A discussion list for aquatic plants. Note, there is no need to include your name in the subscribe message.

BIOTELEM - The Biotelemetry discussion list.

BRINE-L - This list discusses the brine shrimp (Artemia).

CICHLID-L - This list is concerned mainly with cichlid systematics.

CICHLIDS - Another mailing list for cichlids. Note, there is no need to include your name in the subscribe message.

COASTGIS - A list for people interested in using GIS for coastal zone science and/or management.

COASTNET - This forum encourages dialog on coastal management issues from all nations, and is based on the belief that coastal resource planners, managers, researchers, and users from the developed and developing world have much to learn from and contribute to each other. To send a message to all of the people currently subscribed to the list, send mail to

CORAL-LIST - The coral discussion list produced by the Coral Health and Monitoring Program (CHAMP).

CRUST-L - A discussion list for crustacean biology.

EIM - A discussion list for Environmental Interactions of Mariculture. To send a message to the list:

ELASMO-L - The shark biology mailing list, hosted by the American Elasmobrach Society.

EUROSQUID - An e-mail discussion group established to support the EU-funded transnational research project on squid biology and fisheries - open to all interested in cephalopod biology and fisheries. Use "join" rather than "subscribe".

FIRST-FISHING-LISTE - A mainly german sport fishing discussion list. Messages for distribution to the list should be sent to

FISH - The e-mail discussion list of the Asian Fisheries Post Harvest Technology Information Network.

FISH-ECOLOGY - This is a forum for academic and other personel involved in empirical and theoretical research and assessment issues related to the ecology of fish and fisheries: All bio-geo-scientific topics, analytical tools and procedures related to fisheries ecology and fish are covered by this network, also related scientific public domain software is covered in this network. To post mail to the list, send your message to:

FISH-JUNIOR - A forum between fisheries scientists and high school students. It is suggested you write beside your name the subject of your expertise (i. e. genetics, fisheries, physiology, etc.).

FISHBIO-NE-ATLANT - A daily edited list with news and letters addressed mainly to academic scientists and technical staff who are working on the NE Atlantic area. Topic covered include fish biology, algae, assesment, otoliths, conservation, new technology, software, books, papers, new jobs, meetings and workshops etc. Send an e-mail requesting further information.

FISHERIES - A discussion of fisheries-related issues. To send a message to the network, the address is: or

FISHFOLK - A discussion list covering all social science aspects of fisheries, including sociology, anthropology, and economics, with a fair amount of news and management information also provided. Send messages you wish to post on the network to:

FISHPASS - The Fish Pass Mailing List is an unmoderated mailing list for professional discussion of the biological and engineering science of upstream and downstream fish passage.

FISHROUTE - A Seafood mailing list for dealers and suppliers.

FLYFISH - A discussion list for fly fishing.

FME-NET - The Fish Molecular Evolution Network mailing list. Note, send your e-mail address after the subscribe message, rather than your full name.

FRESH - A mailing list for freshwater aquaria.

FWS-NEWS - A listserver providing news releases, bulletins and other information from the Office of Public Affairs in Washington, concerning the US Fish and Wildlife Service activities.

LIVESEA - An e-mail discussion list for the seafood industry. The list intends to provide a forum for seafood industry workers involved with the live holding and shipment of seafood, including aquatic plants, destined for markets worldwide. The forum is limited to technical and other practical challenges facing this developing industry. To subscribe send an e-mail message indicating your interest.

MAR-FACIL - The Marine Facilities list for managers and technical staff at marine research facilities, aquaculture operations, public aquaria etc.

MARICULTURE - A discussion list concerning the environmental interactions of mariculture.

MARINE - A mailing list for marine aquaria.

MARINE-L - An open forum for the discussion and development of marine related topics. Interest areas include: marine education and training institutes; marine navigation and new technologies; marine engineering, ship design, shipbuilding, and shipyard management; marine electronic communications, networking, maintenance; marine management - shipping, port, finance, personnel; marine resources management and environmental protection initiatives; marine search and rescue (SAR) training and operations; vessel traffic management training and operations; marine meteorology; fisheries science, protection and international policy; marine/maritime publishing and publications; oceanography; sail-training.  To join the discussion on this list, send a message to:

MARBIO - This is a discussion list on all aspects of marine biology.

MAR-FACIL - A mailing list for managers and technical staff at marine research facilities, aquaculture operations, public aquaria and other facilities supplying seawater for the support of marine life. The list is intended as a forum for the discussion of technical and business topics, however discussion of other matters is welcome and encouraged. To post a message to everyone on the list, send it to:

MARINE_PATHOL - A forum for people involved in all aspects of marine and aquatic pathology including invertebrate and vertebrate hosts, and pathological conditions caused by microorganisms, parasites, and chemical contaminants. To send a message to the list:

MARMAM - The marine mammals research and conservation discussion. To send a message to multiple recipients of the list:

MOLLUSC - An e-mail discussion list for molluscs.

MOLLUSCA - Another e-mail discussion list for molluscs, concentrating on paleontology and taxonomy, but with some more general biology.

NIA-NET - The Neotropical Ichthyological Association discussion list. Note, send your e-mail address after the subscribe message, rather than your full name.

NRAC - The Northeast Regional Aquaculture Center at University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth. NRAC will use the list to announce matters of interest to aquaculture producers, suppliers, researchers, regulators, extensions agents, etc. The list is also for information exchange between members of the industry and related support groups. To post messages to the list:

OCEAN-F - The ocean farmers of America forum, run by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge, concerned with aquaculture within the U.S. Exclusive Economic Zone.

RECFISH - The recreational fishing mailing list of the Victorian Fisheries Research Institute in Australia.

SALMON - A discussion group on the life cycle of the salmon and depletion of salmon runs in Western America. Aimed mainly at school students and interested adults.

SEAGRASS_FORUM - A discussion list for all aspects of seagrass research, biology and the ecology of seagrass ecosystems, including: physiology, trophic ecology, taxonomy, pathology, geology and sedimentology, hydrodynamics, transplanting/restoration and human impacts.

SEAFOOD - A mailing list for discussion about seafood safety, especially issues such as HACCP programs and training. To send mail to the list, the address is:

SHARK-L - A shark biology mailing list aimed mostly at serious amateurs.

SHELLFISH - A discussion list managed by the National Shellfisheries Association (U.S.). which covers all aspects of shellfish biology, ecology, culture and related issues. Messages for distribution are sent to

TROUTUNLIMITED - Trout Unlimited is America's leading coldwater fisheries conservation organization.  TU's 100,000 members in 500 local chapters nationwide are dedicated to the conservation, protection, and restoration of North America's trout and salmon and their watersheds.

WILDNET - This list was established for the exchange of ideas, questions and solutions in the area of fisheries and wildlife computing and statistics.

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